Responding to our customers wishes for a larger version of the 25C, Still Water contacted renowned naval architect Dick Newick to design a larger catamaran that would be perfect for 8 to 10 passengers and a driver – the Newick 31. The greater capacity also made it an ideal camera launch.

Our evolution from the 25C to the 25XL required the creation of hulls that were less sensitive to changing loads and could be steered by their engines instead of rudders. We applied what we learned developing the 25XL to create a scaled up hull for the 32XL. These hulls are a foot longer than the Newick 31, but without the need for a rudder, the 32XL occupies the same footprint as its predecessor. These hulls are finer than those from the Newick 31, so to preserve performance and carrying capacities the 32XL is a trimaran.

Since the 1999 FISA World Rowing Championships in St Catherines, Ontario, Newick 31 and 32XL have been used as camera platforms for domestic and international regatta. The 32XL can be configured in a variety of ways with rows of benches or club style seating. The video is a prototype water taxi based on a 32XL.

The 32XL is built with the same materials and processes as our popular 25XL. Call or email us for current pricing and options.